EVE – TriBox

Actually I dual-box with three accounts, but that’s neither here nor there.  Anyways, the path I took to get where I am was a long and convoluted one, where I started with just one account.  I was mildly satisfied with my combat pilot, Markosias, but I was always low on ISK.  Then some buddies of mine let me in on their dirty little ISK secret, mining. Being an “alt-o-holic” doesn’t mix well with EVE, since you cannot train more than one character at a time…unless… you get another account.  So, wanting in on this lucrative mining business, I bought myself another account with the express purpose that my second character, Orobas, would be my miner.

My primary character decided to hang out with my mining character and they both mined in mining cruisers for awhile. Until one day, my miner was able to get into a Retriever. At that point I couldn’t keep up with the ore being produced, so my combat pilot trained up to be an ore hauler.  Eventually I got around to reading Ombey’s mining guide, where I found out about Mining Foremen and Directors.  My combat pilot was already trained up to Battleships before my second character’s incarnation – and he could also fly Battle Cruisers, which can fit a Command Link.  So while  Orobas trained towards his Hulk, Markosias trained for Mining Director.

Eventually Marko got Director and Oro was in his Hulk, and the next dilemma hit.  Again, I was without a hauler, since Marko had to sit in his Hurricane in order to run his Mining Command Link (and double as belt ratter/protector). So… I bought my third account for the express purpose of hauling ore. Thus Naberius was born.  Nab quickly trained up to pilot Marko’s old Mammoth, and all was a happy mining operation for awhile.

Eventually, mining got a bit long in the tooth and I wanted something else to do, so I started training Oro and Nab to be complimentary combat pilots to Marko. My first outing was a disaster, I hadn’t counted on how involved and micro-managed EVE combat can be at times.  So I held off for awhile, but kept my combat training up while I was mining belts. Eventually I came upon the combo of Tank-Jam-Plink.  I use different ships now for the tanker and the plinker, but the strategy is still the same.

In my next post, I’ll try to propose a better approach to Tri-boxing if you know you’re going to multi-box from the get-go.  Until then, good luck and Enjoy!

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