Warhammer – “Live”

It’s been a great week in WAR for me.  I was able to get into a great guild called “Casualties of WAR”.  We had a few hiccups on the Volkmar server (over hour long queue times), so we moved over to another server which has allowed us all to login “at-will,” so that has been nice.  And with the game going live, the server has started to pick up in population, so we’re actually starting to get some PvP going, and basically it’s been great fun.

I created a Chaos Mage as my main again, mainly because it didn’t seem like there were too many of those in the guild.  It’s a semi-familiar mechanic from my Cabby in DAoC – DoT’s with de-buffs and a pet-assist (which I just treat as another DoT).  I’ve also started a ton of alt’s to hold my various character names on both the Destruction and the Order side of the house – although I haven’t played any of my Order alts, and I’ve yet to get my “main” over there guilded. Maybe I’ll do that this weekend, we’ll see.

The game has been very stable for me and a lot of fun as well.  Probably one of the smoothest start-ups I’ve been in, including WoW, AoC, EQ2, DDO, etc.  Anyways, just wanted to write a quick update that it looks like the game is a “keeper” and I’ll be playing WAR for the foreseeable future.  Looks like the guild will be hitting the tier2 areas this weekend, so that will be something totally new for me, as I only got through the tier1 stuff in the pre-view and open-beta timeframes.  Looks like it will be exciting!  Hope to see y’all out in the WAR!  –Enjoy!

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