Thanks for deciding to take a look at my 'Amazon Stores.'  I've set up different store fronts for each of the hobbies I'm interested in, and that I blog or vlog about.  I hope you find something cool, fun, useful, or all of the above!

One thing that's kind of 'odd' about how these 'Amazon Stores' work is how you actually get to Amazon to buy the item if you're interested in it.  I would suggest simply clicking on the item you're curious about, and then clickin gon the 'customer reviews' link to find out what other people think about the item - this will also take you directly to Amazon's website, where you can browse similar items, or buy what you want. 

Mainly these 'stores' are meant to be helpful to those who have read my blog or have viewed one of my YouTube videos and they would like to reasearch the items I've used or discussed. I hope you find them a useful resource.


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